From Sand Dunes to the Seashore
Peaceful desert

From Sand Dunes to the Seashore

If you want to see the most beautiful and serene landscapes of the Peruvian desert, you must do the Camino a Carhaus Tour with Luis. The day starts with a 45-minute drive from Ica to the desert. Along the way, we enjoyed the expansive views of the ever-changing sand dunes and learning about the history of the local people. Once we arrived at the start of the trek, I was so impressed by how pristine the sand looked, how it felt under my feet, and how precise the. Once you reach the top of the dunes, be prepared to see a completely different landscape like something out of a movie set! It is such a unique landscape with endless opportunities for photos. Luis enjoys taking photos and he will make sure you’ll have memories to last you a lifetime.

After this adventure in the dunes, we drove for 90 minutes towards the Pacific Ocean to visit Playa Carhuas. There’s something so calming about the ebb and flow of the waves. It was too cold to go in the water in July, but the perfect temperature for a walk along the sand.

One of the things I appreciated about this tour was Luis’ commitment to the environment. Unfortunately, for various reasons, you will see some trash on the beach. However, Luis provided us with the option and necessary materials (e.g., gloves and trash bags) to pick up the trash we saw during our visit to the beach. I am very grateful that we had an opportunity to have a positive impact on the local environment!


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