Take Flight to See the Nazca Lines

Description: Fly the enigmatic Nazca lines! Petroglyphs etched in the desert thousands of years ago by the Nasca people. From there you can visit the ancient adobe city of Cauachi. You can also visit Chauchilla cemetery where the ancient Nasca buried their dead.

Duration: 8-10 hours


Option 1: Group Tour $135/per person

Option 2: Private transport from Ica to Nasca and back $100 (minimum 1 person, maximum 4 people) plus $110/per person for the flight

Includes: Transportation, flight, admission for tour of the aqueducts and ancient pottery and ceramics

Does not include: Lunch or refreshments

Recommended to bring: Cash for lunch, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, reusable water bottle, comfortable clothing, walking shoes or sandals, a light jacket or sweater (for the changing weather)

Sample Itinerary

8:15 am Hotel Pick Up

9:00 am Depart Ica by Cruz Del Sur Bus or Private Transport

11:30 am Arrive in Nasca

12:00 pm Take Flight!

1:00 pm Time for Lunch

2:30 pm Tour of Aqueducts and Incan Pottery or Visit Cauachi and Chauchilla

4:00 pm Depart Nasca by Cruz Del Sur Bus or Private Transport

6:30 pm Return to Hotel