Quechua name for Ica’s native mesquite tree, Prosopis Limensis, or “huarango” in Spanish.

Like the huarango, our roots run deep in this land.

Welcome to Ica!  Our region is a beautiful desert area along the Pacific Ocean lined with river valleys that flow from the Andes. In spite of being one of the most arid areas in the world, it has been home to some of the oldest civilizations in the Americas. Our ancestors, the Nazca and Paracas people, cherished the environment and respected the huarango tree as the central part of our local ecosystem.

Our family embodies Peru’s welcoming spirit and our country’s vibrant and varied cultures. We’re a local tusán family, which means that we trace our heritage back to Cantonese immigrants who arrived in the late 1800s and married indigenous iqueños. We’ve always been passionate about hosting visitors in our hometown and we love meeting new people!

Our journey started in 2014, when Victoria decided to open our home as an Airbnb. We met incredible travelers from so many countries. We shared meals, pisco sours, and exchanged life stories.  Soon after, Luis started helping adventurous visitors get off the beaten track and explore the undiscovered treasures of Ica. After more than 3 amazing years of being Superhosts, we’ve decided to build on our success and launch our own business. We’re excited for this next chapter!

Stay with us and enjoy our hospitality! Luis is an expert on Ica’s local history and loves to chat about it over coffee. Victoria loves cooking comida criolla and is always looking to learn interesting new recipes.  We are also joined by our loving pets: our turtle Tracy and parrot Lucas. They love our guests too!

We hope you will cherish your experiences with us as much as we will!


Hasta pronto!


-Luis and Victoria

Casuarinas N-15, Residencial La Angostura, Ica, Peru.

+51 (56) 603469                 Whatsapp: +51 958044248


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