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The Nazca Lines – an ancient masterpiece etched into the desert floor like a colossal puzzle waiting to be solved! These gigantic geoglyphs, created by the Nazca people over 1,500 years ago, are a mesmerizing array of animals, plants, and geometric shapes. Best viewed from the air, these mysterious lines have sparked endless speculation about their purpose and origin.

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Important Information

This tour might not be suitable for pregnant women, people with mobility impairments, people with heart conditions, wheelchair users, or children under 6 years old.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are not your average tour agency. We are local experts committed to providing a one-of-a-kind experience when you visit Ica. We can help you design your own itinerary. An experience custom made for your interests, time, and budget. We will provide you with advice on activities, time management tips, and many other resources for free. Just drop us a line!

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Meet your Tour Guide

Luis, a charismatic and passionate tour guide, is a true local gem. Coming from a family deeply rooted in the rich history of the Ocucaje desert. Luis was born and raised in Ica. From a young age, Luis’ insatiable curiosity led him to explore every part of the vast desert landscape that surrounded his home. His childhood was a tapestry of adventures, discovering hidden oasis, ancient trails, and secrets buried beneath the golden sands.

In 2014, Luis decided to share his profound love for the desert with the world. Armed with extensive knowledge passed down through generations and a genuine enthusiasm for the terrain, he embarked on a journey as a tour guide. 

Over the years, Luis has become an expert explorer. His tours are not just ordinary excursions; they are immersive experiences that weave together tales of the past, the mystique of the present, and the promise of future discoveries.

Luis specializes in crafting unforgettable hiking and camping adventures, each one meticulously designed to showcase the hidden treasures only a local guide could reveal.

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    Costumer Reviews

    Excellent location & the best service!

    We stayed with Luis & Victoria in their house Waranqu for few days, and did a tour through the Nazca desert with Luis, seeing the Nazca lines, Chincilla necropolis and the Cahuachi ruins. Luis was an incredible host, and the best tour guide for the day we could have!! He treated us like family, suggested places to see and visit, understood our needs and created an unforgettable experince for us! It was probably one of the best trips I’ve had, and that is saying much, because I am on a trip around the world for the year:)
    Victoria, his wife, is anothe gem, and her cooking is magical! Probably one of the best food I’ve tried while in Peru.
    Seriously, if you are considering staying with them, just do it!! You won’t regret it!:)
    Victoria & Luis, thank you again for your kind hospitality!!

    Jazmine Bak

    Nov, 2018

    Trip Advisor

    Home away from Home

    My experience at Waranqu was one of the highlights of my trip to Peru. Luis & Victoria are the ultimate hosts and perfect guides to exploring this region. Ica has many things to do and they can arrange everything for you. Luis made sure that we had VIP treatment on all of our excursions, and even arranged for us to go all the way to Nazca one day! They treated my friend and I like family. One night we had an impromptu party and everyone staying there was dancing and visiting with one another. It was so much fun! You have to have Luis make you one of his world famous drinks. We loved our stay and would definitely return if we are ever there in the future. I highly recommend!

    Princess S.

    Sep. 2017

    Trip Advisor

    Perfect stay, great tours, most caring hosts

    As I write this, we are just leaving Waranqu BnB after four nights and are indeed a little sad. Luis and Victoria are the most caring, lovable hosts you could ever imagine. They open their beautiful home for guests and it does indeed feel like home away from home.

    We stayed in a room in the garden bungalow which was very clean with enough space for all our stuff and a adjourning bath room with a spacious shower (hot water took some time but nothing to complain about). The bed was very comfy.

    Victoria prepared a fantastic breakfast every morning with fresh juice, fruit, avocado, eggs … and we even had the pleasure twice to enjoy a home-cooked meal. So yummy.

    Luis took us on different tours the three days which we had planned with him well in advance. If it’s only for one, take the tour of the desert and the Canon de los Persidos – Luis‘ second home. He is an amazing guide and a very calm driver, he has real gravitas. The other tours were Islas de Balestras + Paracas and Nasca. Luis will organize everything according to your wishes … and more.

    There is only one thing that would have made this experience even better: if we spoke decent Spanish. Although being lucky enough that there were other guests to help us out and communication with Victoria was possible in English, it would have added to our experience if we were able to express our love for the place and gratitude in better Spanish. But in the end, coming from the heart (and with the help of hands, feet and Google translate), communication worked ☺️

    So, thank you and hope to meet you again some time!

    Caroline R.

    Apr. 2022

    Trip Advisor

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