Canon de los Perdidos

"Unique, personalized, fun, and breathtaking"

Cañon de los Perdidos or The Lost Canyon is one of our most requested adventures. This beautiful and fascinating geological formation south of Ica in the Ocucaje desert has captivated the mind of many travelers. Located in the middle of some of Ica’s most stunning desert landscapes and a sea of pre-historic fossils, it offers a unique experience for anyone visiting Ica. Bring your camera!

About the tour

Important Information

This tour might not be suitable for pregnant women, people with mobility impairments, people with heart conditions, wheelchair users, or children under 6 years old.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are not your average tour agency. We are local experts committed to providing a one-of-a-kind experience when you visit Ica. We can help you design your own itinerary. An experience custom made for your interests, time, and budget. We will provide you with advice on activities, time management tips, and many other resources for free. Just drop us a line!

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Meet your Tour Guide

Luis, a charismatic and passionate tour guide, is a true local gem. Coming from a family deeply rooted in the rich history of the Ocucaje desert. Luis was born and raised in Ica. From a young age, Luis’ insatiable curiosity led him to explore every part of the vast desert landscape that surrounded his home. His childhood was a tapestry of adventures, discovering hidden oasis, ancient trails, and secrets buried beneath the golden sands.

In 2014, Luis decided to share his profound love for the desert with the world. Armed with extensive knowledge passed down through generations and a genuine enthusiasm for the terrain, he embarked on a journey as a tour guide. 

Over the years, Luis has become an expert explorer. His tours are not just ordinary excursions; they are immersive experiences that weave together tales of the past, the mystique of the present, and the promise of future discoveries.

Luis specializes in crafting unforgettable hiking and camping adventures, each one meticulously designed to showcase the hidden treasures only a local guide could reveal.

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    Costumer Reviews

    DO NOT miss a trip to The Lost Canyon with Luis!

    This was one of the most astounding days in our 40 years of travels! We have never seen anything like it. DO NOT miss a tour to the Lost Canyon with Luis! He has been coming here since he was 7 years old; he knows every inch, every rock, every view. We went deep into the desert stopping often for pictures, views and explanations from Luis. He does not speak much English, but he is so clear in his knowledge, love and enthusiasm for this beautiful, magical place that he is easy to understand even if you only understand a little Spanish. He provides enough water, snacks, sandwiches towards the end of the day, and even makes you a Pisco Sour! (One tip: Bring your own water bottle to refill all day. Luis brings a giant jug of water, but no small bottles.). We didn’t see another person all day (just one small group snapping pictures at the Canyon who left quickly). We felt safe, confident and in good hands with Luis.

    One BIG mistake that we made was staying in Ica instead of staying with Luis and his wife. DO NOT make the same mistake! 

    Vito Sparrow

    May 4, 2022

    Trip Advisor

    Wonderful full day in the desert!

    Wow, Luis really showed us an amazing day full of surprises. We met Luis early in the morning for a trip to go to el Cañon de los Perdidos. Luis showed us a full day of adventure in the desert before our last stop at the Cañon. He took us to many spectacular sites we would have not known existed, and could not have gotten to on our own anyway! Not only was each stop breathtaking, but Luis made each stop special by taking photos for us, capturing video footage by drone, and preparing snacks, lunch and special cocktails for us at multiple stops. He took us to many places not frequently visited by tourists which made for a much more memorable and personal day. We did not see any other people until our last stop at the cañon. I would highly highly recommend Luis’s hospitality to anyone visiting Peru. What a nice guy, with great expertise and pride in his area and all it has to offer.

    Amy S.

    Dec. 2021

    Trip Advisor

    Full day in the "Cañón de los Perdidos"

    We had one of our best days in Peru so far spent with Luis in the desert. Luis really knows how to share his love of the place, you will get to enjoy the best views and hidden spots, far from all the other tourists. He shared many stories with us and we had discussions about many topics so we learned a lot and had a great time in the car as well. Let’s not forget the photos he sent us, he took beautiful pictures and videos during the day that we were happy to discover afterwards!
    Amazing experience, don’t miss it!

    Caroline R.

    Apr. 2022

    Trip Advisor

    A home from home, amazing place to stay and perfect day trips

    Our stay with Luis and Victoria in July was very special. A home from home.
    We were picked up by Luis at the bus station, to take us to their house. The house is so beautiful, and very clean. We were offered a welcome drink, and looked at the schedule for the next couple of days. Luis would show us around the region, and you can tell that he really knows the region very well, and he is eager to share his knowledge.

    [..] We visited Huacachina which was so much fun for us and our kids. The second day Luis took us to the Canon de les Perdidos, which was very nice. But the stop we made underway in the rocky surroundings of the desert, was maybe even more beautiful and one of the most spectacular things we’ve seen in our three weeks in Peru. Wow. [..]

    Tommy P.

    Aug. 2023

    Trip Advisor

    Tour Canyon

    Luis is one of the best tour guides I have ever had! I traveled alone and joined other people to make the tour. These people canceled the day before and Luis still did the tour with me alone because he promised me he would.  Luis gave me an unforgettable experience that day. He gave his best. I had fun and felt well and safe. He shows more than the “normal” Tourist Tour. He loves what he does. It was one of my favorite experiences in my life. I will absolutely come back with my friends! Thanks for everything!!!

    Rebecca R.

    Jul. 2022

    Trip Advisor

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